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Customer Engagement Designed to Sell

Smart Advisor is Inventia’s new generation Customer Engagement solution, chosen by more than 100 companies worldwide for sales and customer support. Smart Advisor allows customer engagement in chat and video chat on each digital channel through a remote human agent. It has powerful tools for sharing and collaboration and can be integrated in every Inventia solution. And thanks to the patented technology Inventia Orchestra, allows you to automatically guide the customer in commercial scripts or Crm making everything easy, fast and super-efficient, including the digital signature.

How does Smart Advisor works

Meet the Customer

With just one click the customer will be in contact with a Human Agent through Chat or Video chat



Share and navigate screenshots and documents, collaborate and edit like being in person


Follow the Script

Help the customer automatically in the commercial or crm script up to the digital signature


Meet your Client like Being in Person...

Smart Advisor allows you to get in touch via chat and video chat to offer support to your customers in person wherever they are.
It is multi-channel and is available for Web, Mobile (with or without App), click2call (to engage the customer with an email or SMS) and also inside a point of sale through Smart Station solutions.
Just a click and a human or virtual agent, based on artificial intelligence, will be available to meet customers’ needs

Share, Edit, Highlight, Collaborate...

Smart Advisor offers you a wide range of tools for sharing, editing, compilation of screens and documents to assist the client as if they were meeting in person.
In addition, thanks to the Remote-Eye technology, the customer's camera becomes a remote scanner to allow the remote capure of photos and documents without any effort or the customer

Guide the Client through the Commercial Process

The patented Orchestra technology automates the execution of commercial or CRM scripts.
Guide the client through the various steps of the required process, interrupt it, continue on a different digital channel, complete it at a different time.
Orchestra allows you to manage business processes even when complex or when they require numerous steps, in a simple and automated way.

Subscribe with a Digital Signature

Enable digital signature and sign contracts, agreements, documents like in person with digital signature, in a simple and secure way.
No more meetings in person, no more paper and unnecessary journeys.

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