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The Leader Platform for Onboarding

With more than 3.000.000 identity verified, Inventia ID is a platform leader for customer On-Boarding adopted by more then 100 companies in the world. The solutions are thought out to be simple, easy to integrate and flexible for every need.

Our Solutions

Inventia offers offers a wide range of solutions for the onboarding of the client, to support every type of need and compliance. We offer solutions both in ‘Line’, in a unique session such as Video ID and Self ID, to ‘Hybrid’ solutions that then break the verification process in two steps to optimize the effects and increase scalabilty without compromising compliance.


How it works

The assisted Onboarding

Video ID is the ID verification solution based on an assisted process with an agent in video chat. The agent will guide the client step by step through the verification process of the identity acquiring all the necessary information and the identity document
using the customer’s camera as a remote scanner. The session will be then recorded including the documentation ready for storage which is accordance with the law.
The process is completely flexible and customizable to be adapted to any compliance and can be integrated with your systems. This solution acquires new customers easily and securely with the assistance of a video agent.

Meet the Customer

The assisted onboarding in just one click anytime and anywhere

Record the Session

The session is recorded for conservation including the collected documentation.

Verify the Documents

The Agent will acquire the identification documentation and verify it at the same time

The Automatic Onboarding

Self ID is the solution for automated Onboarding, based on a combination of Machine Learning, OCR and Biometrics.
The system will guide the client through the process of verification of the identity automatically taking a picture through a camera, verifiying the liveness of the person thanks to AI technology which will then verify the effective presence of the person ( and not for example from a picture) infront of the camera. A biometric facial verification system will compare the coherence of the client's face with the image present on the identification document while the OCR will capture the document information verifying its validity in real-time.
The session will be recorded including documentation ready for storage in accordance with the law. The process is completely flexible and customizable to be adapted to any compliance and integrated with its own systems.

Easy Customer Onboarding

The Hybrid Onboarding

Smart ID is the solution for Hybrid Onboarding because it comes about in two phases, the first phase, not assisted and automatic, is based on a combination of Machine Learning, OCR and Biometrics and it is aimed at verifying the client's documentation and liveness of the client. The second phase, which happens only if the first phase has been exceeded positively, in which a back-office human agent goes to validate the documentation already verified by the automated system and to confirm the identity of the customer in a few moments. This solution is particularly suitable for managing high volumes of on-boarding or when you want to minimize the costs of human resources when human identity approval is required. The process is completely flexible and customizable to be adapted to any compliance and integrated with its own systems.

The KYC based Onboarding

Power ID is the solution of Hybrid On-boarding which consents the management not only of the verification of the clients identity, but also contextual verification but also contextual checks on creditworthiness and all the steps of KYC for the contextual subscription of a financial product. In the first phase, non assisted and automated, based on a combination of Machine Learning, OCR and Biometrics, the system checks the identity of the customer and the identification documentation. In the second phase credit checks are performed and additional KYC checks for a financial assessment of the client in real time, for example, the provision of a financial product and the related contextual subscription.
The process is completely flexible and customizable.


Simple and Fast On-Boarding

Simple ID is the simplified Customer On-Boarding solution based on just a few steps allowing a complete customer identification.

The On-Boarding Simple ID process is based on 3 steps:

In the first step, the customer is required to share the identification documentation.
Thanks to the Smart Eye Inventia system, the customer will simply have to show the required identification documents
- The documents will be scanned by the camera for subsequent checks

In the second step the customer is required to make a video clip in which he will have to read a text - one click and registration starts automatically - The customer can review himself and record until he is satisfied
All this information, documents and video clips will be sent to a back office that
will verify the client's identity
- may approve or request the repetition of the previous passages


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