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Recognize Your Customer, Always

To identify the new customer is just the first step. ID CERT is the solution that consents the recognition of your client everytime they access your website or use your services, thanks to a comparison between those who are present in front of the camera with the biometric profile of the client created during On-Boarding. Bye Bye password, welcome security!

Easy and Safe ID Verification of Known Customers


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It Is You, I know Who You Are

One of the areas of application of ID Cert is the possibility of strengthening the customer's security during the execution of activities enabled by online services. Or when it is necessary to access confidential data online.
ID Cert will verify that the person in front of the camera is the same as in the biometric profile, through the verification of the correspondence of their face and their voice, realized during their On-Boarding, greatly increasing the level of security.
ID Cert enables the possibility of developing new value-added services, transforming On-Boarding from cost to opportunities for new value-added services and making the customer experience even easier, more digital and more compelling.

Increase Safety
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While browsing
You are on your Bank Home Banking App and are about to make a bank transaction, such as a wire transfer.
Home Banking will send you a one-time password (OTP) before proceeding with the arrangement. But what if the smartphone is lost or someone can inadvertently access it?
ID Cert thanks to the double Biometric control plus One-Time-Password prevents access to your data or the execution of unwanted operations ensuring maximum security

No more Passwords

ID Cert not only allows you to increase security but also to offer the customer a unique service: just a click and the system verifies the correspondence of the client's face with the one stored in the biometric profile created during On-Boarding. No more passwords to remember and frauds.

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